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Let Me Introduce Myself, Part 1-Beginnings

Hi there,

I’ve a short introduction in my story about myself but I thought a blog post or two wouldn't go astray to delve a little deeper into the origins of Pattern and Fold.

My name is Grace Margaret, I'm the youngest of six, I've got four sisters, one brother, four nephews and one neice, quite a big family!

I’m from a seaside town on the Inishowen Peninsula of Co.Donegal, Ireland. Inishowen is the largest and most northerly peninsula on the island of Ireland. If you’ve never visited Ireland, Donegal or specifically Inishowen I highly recommend it. You may think I’m biased but both National Geographic and Lonely Planet agree!

County Donegal is described by Lonely Planet as “the wild child of Ireland and home to some of its most ravishingly sublime scenery and beautiful beaches” and came No.1 on National Geographic’s top 17 for 2017.


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So this is where I grew up and spent my youth. It’s where I developed my love of all things arty and design, where I learned to draw and it’s where I created my first pattern design.


It’s without a doubt the colours of the sea and sky of this majestic place hugely influenced my branding. Teal, turquoise, coral and blue have always been my favourite collection of colours and hardly a surprise when watching the ever changing colours of the Donegal skies and the ebb and flow of Lough Foyle into the Atlantic Ocean!

When I was still in secondary school and planning my life career I’d no idea the pattern I designed at 15 would feature again later in life. At 17 I choose the route of Architecture, preferring what seemed at the time the more practical application of design rather than going down a route of Fine Art, Graphics or anything close to what I knew as Art at school.

But by the time I finished my studies on the BA (Hons) Architecture degree at Ulster University in Belfast (more affectionately know as the Art College) I realised it wasn’t for me. I learned a lot of useful things, I learned much more about the process of design and it's application and I learned a lot about my own values in life!


However not knowing quite what was for me I applied to study a course in TV & Film Production.  And so continued my path back toward pattern design and my introduction to origami as a creative outlet.

Check back next week for “Let me introduce myself, part 2- The highs and lows of the NI Film Industry

See you next week!
Grace Margaret



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