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Hello there, thanks for stopping by!

Here's a little intro to Pattern and Fold and it's evolution up to now.

My name is Grace-Margaret, I'm from the north east coast of Co. Donegal. And how does a native of Donegal become so enraptured with Origami I hear you ask?

Well, after studying the undergraduate degree in Architecture at the art college in Belfast I spent a number of years working in the Northern Ireland film industry, in the Art Dept. As a trainee on the first series of "The Fall" my boss asked me to make some origami pieces for one of the sets. I kept a nice straight face and said no problem having no notion of what I'd just got myself into! A few video tutorials later and I was hooked!

It's a beautiful art form and the modular makes really speak to my architectural mind; while the concentration required to make perfect folds really helps me switch off. And of course then there's all the pretty papers!

And so Pattern and Fold was born.

I try to combine my love of design, colour, pattern and craft to bring you products that will add some colour, craft, peace of mind or sometimes all three to your own life. 

My workshops & classes aim to give you skills to develop a simple form of mindfulness through folding, while my products will hopefully spark creativity.

I'm a strong advocate of the need to look after your mental health as much as your physical health and so Pattern and Fold will hopefully contribute positively to good mental health for all those I engage with.

Thanks for checking out the site. Feel free to get in touch via my email: patternandfold@gmail.com.